How Much Is Coachella Worth?

Why is Coachella so expensive?

Tickets cost $429 for general admission for the weekend, and that’s just the beginning.

Because Coachella is at the Empire Polo Club, two hours outside Los Angeles, you have to factor in transportation, parking, lodging, and more.

Money’s Megan Leonhardt estimated the typical cost to be $2,347 in 2018..

How much did Beyonce get paid for the Super Bowl?

Jay Z, Beyoncé and – as it happens – Tiesto were paid more then $2 million to perform at the most expensive Super Bowl party of all-time on Saturday night.

Are VIP Coachella tickets worth it?

NO, IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Unless every single act you want to see is on the main stage then it is most definitely not worth it. If you only want to see the main stage acts, then VIP might be better for you… but only if you really hate waiting in lines an extra 10-20minutes and if you are a big drinker.

How much do artists get paid to perform at Coachella?

In 2017, The New Yorker reported that Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, and Lady Gaga each received between three and four million for headlining, compared to some of the lesser-known artists on the lineup who made less than $10,000.

How much did Beyonce get paid at Coachella?

However, Billboard reported yesterday that Bey was paid between $8 million and $12 million. Sources also told The Blast that both Grande and Beyoncé were paid $4 million for each of their two headlining weekends.

Can you bring water into Coachella?

Perhaps the biggest mistake that Coachella rookies make is not staying hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink water, or maybe you don’t want to stand in line to get it. The good news is that the price of water at the festival is capped, but you still need to get it.

What does VIP Coachella get you?

VIP Pass: VIP ticket holders get entry into the venue and all three VIP venue areas. That includes the section right next to the main stage. VIP areas are also shaded and include picnic tables, couches, and extra restrooms. VIP pass holders can also visit food and beverage vendors as well as full cash bars.

Is there an age limit to Coachella?

Are there any age restrictions? Coachella is an all ages festival, however those under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. To stay in the campground you must be 18 or over.

Who is richer Beyonce or Jay Z?

Jay-Z becomes hip-hop’s first billionaire Forbes has estimated musician and businessman Jay-Z’s net worth at more than $1 billion (€890 million). His wife, Beyonce, has an estimated net worth of $355 million. Jay-Z is the first hip-hop artist to reach billionaire status, Forbes reported on Tuesday.

How much did Beyonce get paid for Netflix?

Beyonce’s Netflix Deal Worth a Whopping $60 Million (EXCLUSIVE) – Variety.

How much is a Coachella ticket 2020?

Ticket prices vary. General admission passes are $399 plus fees and the VIP festival passes are $929 plus fees. Camping and travel packages, VIP parking, and shuttle passes will also be available for purchase on the website.