Question: What Is A Remarque Proof?

What is a Remarque poster?

A ReMarque is a signed print with an oversized lower margin.

The artist uses the extra space to draw, or “re-mark,” the area in pencil with a small illustration.

The name derives from this marking.

The artist individually enhances each C-Marque by over-painting unique features on the image..

How do I sign a limited edition giclee print?

Prints must always be signed in pencil. The artist name and date are to be signed on the bottom right side of a print just below the printed image. Never on the image! The title of the print is to be written in the center of the image just below the printed image.

What is the difference between a giclee and a print?

Giclee is the first and only fine art print to be made with an ink jet printer. Pronounced, zhee’clay, the word comes from the French, meaning to spray, which is exactly what an ink jet printer does. … The quality of a giclee print is far superior to all other forms of printing.

Are giclee prints worth anything?

Embellished giclées are generally sold for a price between a simple print and an original piece. Because embellishments make the work more original, it becomes more valuable and rare. The high quality and long lifespans of giclées ensure that the prints appreciate in value.

What is a Remarque?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a drawn, etched, or incised scribble or sketch done on the margin of a plate or stone and removed before the regular printing. 2 : a proof taken before remarques have been removed.

What is a studio proof?

A Studio Proof is exactly the same as a Limited Edition Print. It is the same image, from the same print run, printed on the same paper. … Studio Proofs are signed by the artist in exactly the same way as a Limited Edition Print, with one exception.

What does remarked mean on a print?

A remarque is an original drawing, sketch or painting done in the margins of a print. … The purpose of a remarque is to enhance the print and personalize it, making it specially unique and this generally increases the value of a print because it has an “original” done BY THE ARTIST right on it!

How do you pronounce Remarque?

noun. E·rich Ma·ri·a [er-ik muh-ree-uh; German ey-rikh mah-ree-ah], /ˈɛr ɪk məˈri ə; German ˈeɪ rɪx mɑˈri ɑ/, 1898–1970, German novelist in the U.S.

How much does a giclee print cost?

A high quality archival giclee the same size as your original can be valued at 1/3rd of the cost of the original. So, if your original 18×24 painting sells for $3000 you can ask $1000 for each 18×24 giclee. We have artists that sell their giclees above and below the 1/3rd mark.