Question: What Is Another Word For Cater?

What’s the opposite of accommodate?

What is the opposite of accommodate?disobligeinconveniencehinderblockobstructhurtrejectignoreneglectdeny24 more rows.

What does unscathed mean?

: wholly unharmed : not injured.

What happens when you accommodate another?

If you accommodate, you are making an adjustment to suit a particular purpose. If you accommodate your brother’s demand for the attic room, then you give in and let him take over that space.

What is another word for accommodate?

SYNONYMS FOR accommodate 1 serve, aid, assist, help, abet. 7 fit, suit. 8 compose, harmonize.

What’s another word for customized?

custom-built, custom-designed, customizing, customer-specific, custom-defined, individualised, adapted, personalize, customisable, made-to-measure, one-on-one, adjusted, specialized, responsive, user-defined, face-to-face, individualized, appropriate, Targeted, attuned, one-to-one, commensurate, individual, dedicated, …

What accommodate means?

transitive verb. 1 : to provide with something desired, needed, or suited I needed money, and they accommodated me with a loan. 2a : to make room for rebuilt the ship to accommodate the bigger containers. b : to hold without crowding or inconvenience a hotel that can accommodate about 100 people.

What are three synonyms accommodate?

What is an antonym of accommodate?

accommodate. Antonyms: inconvenience, disoblige, disturb, misfit, incommode, deprive, aggravate. Synonyms: convenience, oblige, adapt, supply, reconcile, suit, fit, adjust, furnish, serve, harmonize.

What is the meaning of Cater?

to provide a supply of food1 : to provide a supply of food cater for a large party. 2 : to supply what is required or desired catering to middle-class tastes. transitive verb. : to provide food and service for catered the banquet. Other Words from cater Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about cater.

How do you use cater in a sentence?

Cater sentence examplesNumbers of magazines and reviews are published in Arabic which cater both for the needs of the moment and the advancement of learning. … The restaurant can cater for private and business gatherings.More items…

What does cater mean in relationships?

To give special treatment or consideration to someone, perhaps to an excessive degree. They’re our biggest account, so we usually end up catering to them to make sure they’re completely satisfied with the service.

What is the meaning of scattering?

1 : an act or process in which something scatters or is scattered. 2 : something scattered: such as. a : a small number or quantity interspersed here and there a scattering of visitors.

What is the root word of accommodation?

accommodation (n.) c. 1600, “that which supplies a want or need,” from French accommodation, from Latin accommodationem (nominative accommodatio) “an adjustment,” noun of action from past-participle stem of accommodare “make fit; make fit for” (see accommodate).

What is the synonym of Cater?

Synonyms. board serve pimp fix up drench fulfil dish out serve up staff feed fulfill shower treat meet dish supply nourish procure dish up accommodate power provide regale give gutter sustain ply fill satisfy indulge horse pander underlay nurture help gratify.

Is it accommodate or accomodate?

Other users have misspelled accommodate as: accomodate – 36.61% accomadate – 12.26% accomidate – 9.35% accomdate – 3.39%