Question: What Is The Pass Mark In South Africa?

What is the pass mark for matric in South Africa?

The basic NSC with no access to higher education programmes requires a learner to achieve three subjects with a minimum of 40% including the Home Language (HL), and a further 3 subjects can be passed at 30%..

How many times can you fail a grade in South Africa?

Currently the policy is that a child can only repeat once in each of the four education cycles: the Foundation Phase (grades 1 to 3), the Intermediate Phase (grades 4 to 7), the Senior Phase (grades 8 to 9) and the Further Education and Training Phase (grades 10 to 12).

What is a pass mark?

pass mark in British English (pɑːs mɑːk) education. the minimum mark required to pass an examination.

Is 40 percent a pass?

*At selected institutions, a lower grade may be considered passing….Grading in universities.PercentageClassification/Division50+ but below 60Second Class40 (or 35)+ but below 50Passing GradeBelow 40 (or 35)Fail2 more rows

What grade is standard 10 in South Africa?

What are the grades in South African schools? Schooling runs from grade 0 (the reception year also known as grade R) through to grade 12 (known as matric). Grades 1 to 9 are compulsory and are classified as General Education and Training. Grades 10 to 12 are considered to be Further Education and Training.

What is the highest matric pass?

Level 7: 80–100% (Outstanding achievement) Level 6: 70–79% (Meritorious achievement) Level 5: 60–69% (Substantial achievement) Level 4: 50–59% (Moderate achievement)…Remember, there are 3 pass levels:Higher certificate.Diploma.Bachelors pass (previously known as an exemption).

What percentage is a bachelor’s pass in matric?

Bachelors Degree Pass Meet the minimum requirements for a NSC (this includes at least 40% for your Home Language) At least 50% for four subjects. Note: you will need to obtain at least 30% for the language of learning and teaching at the higher education institution ( this will either be English or Afrikaans)

What is the pass rate in South Africa?

This pass rate is down from 58% in 2018. The minimum score for a pass is 30%. This means only 54% of mathematics exam candidates achieved a mark of at least 30%. Of all the maths candidates only 2% (4,415) achieved distinctions.

Can you fail Afrikaans and still pass matric?

You may fail one subject. The requirements here are: 40% for your Home Language. … One of your languages must be either English or Afrikaans.

What percentage is a distinction in South Africa matric?

80%For the final standard exams, a ‘normal pass’ is given for an average mark 50%-59%, and a distinction is given for an average of 80% or more.

How much do you need to pass maths in South Africa?

40% or more in Mathematics; 40% or more in any three of the other required subjects – including Natural Sciences, Life Orientation, Social Sciences, Arts and Culture, and Economic Management Sciences.

Is 50 percent a pass?

These policies may vary also according to the degree year (higher percentages for later years), but generally, only 2–5% of students who pass (that is, who achieve raw marks of 50 or more) may be awarded a High Distinction grade, and 50% or more of passing students are awarded a basic Pass grade.

What does D mean in matric results?

Must obtain at least 40% for your Home Language. Must obtain at least 50% for four other High Credit subjects. Must obtain at least 30% for two other subjects. D. Diploma.

What is the pass mark for Afrikaans in South Africa?

South African pass mark At least 50% in four subjects. At least 40% in Home Language. At least 30% in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) At least 30% for one other subject.

Can you pass matric with 5 subjects?

No, It is not! Unfortunately the requirements are not that simple. As a matric student, you need to take at least 7 subjects and at the least, you need to pass your home language at a minimum of 40%, two other subjects at 40% as well, and three others at 30%, in order to obtain a higher certificate pass.

Is 70% a good mark?

Getting over 60% is excellent because it means you have demonstrated a deep knowledge of your subject to the marker. You may be used to getting marks of 90–100%, but this is very unlikely to happen at university. Remember that marks in the 50–70% range are perfectly normal.

Is a C+ a good grade?

A+, A, A- indicates excellent performance. B+, B, B- indicates good performance. C+, C, C- indicates satisfactory performance. D+, D, D- indicates less than satisfactory performance.

Is a 6 GPA good?

6.0 or a 7.0 are good GPAs in the eyes of an employer. Distinction and High Distinction GPA averages are crucial to secure a job. Graduates with only Passes or Credits will be struggling to find a job these days. In my opinion 5.0 or higher is good.