Question: What To Do When You Literally Have Nothing To Do?

What to do with friends when you have nothing to do?

34 Things to Do With Your Friends When You’re BoredRent a cool Airbnb or splurge on a hotel room for the night.

Find some last-minute concert tickets and make a night of it.Get crafty with some DIY sewing projects.

Hit up a sporting event near you.

Take an easy nature walk, explore a new part of the city by foot, get some fresh air on a scenic hike.More items…•.

Is nothing to do with meaning?

be nothing to do with (someone or something) 1. To be unrelated or irrelevant to someone or something. This lecture is nothing to do with your grades—I’m unhappy with your attitude lately. 2. To avoid someone or something.

What to do when you having nothing to do?

7 Ways to Be Productive When You Actually Have Nothing to DoMake up some tasks. … Do the small stuff you have to do incredibly well. … Start something new. … Create a system to put in place on busier days. … Help someone else. … Do literally anything. … Don’t let it stress you.

What do you do when you have nothing to do at work?

Nothing To Do at Work? Try These 11 Ways to Stay Productive11 productive things to do when you’re bored at work.Make a career plan. With nothing going on at work, it’s the perfect time to daydream. … Fit in some light reading. … Learn a new language. … Watch a TED Talk. … Help out your coworkers. … Invent a more efficient process. … Solve a client problem.More items…•