Quick Answer: Do I Need Visa To Vietnam?

Can I get a visa on arrival in Vietnam?

Visa on arrival is applicable for air travel only.

If you enter Vietnam by land or cruise, you are required to obtain a full visa before you arrive.

The stamping fee at Vietnam airport is payable in cash only, no credit cards are accepted.

There is NO OFFICIAL website for visa on arrival service..

Do I need a visa for Vietnam from UK?

If a United Kingdom citizen’s length of stay in Vietnam is LESS THAN 15 days, they do not need a visa to travel. If a United Kingdom citizen’s length of stay in Vietnam is LONGER THAN 15 days, a Vietnam Visa is required.

How long is a Vietnam tourist visa valid for?

15-30 daysThe most popular type of visa for Vietnam is Tourist Visa which is normally valid for 15-30 days. Tourist visa can be extended once you are arriving to Vietnam. In some cases, you can apply for a 3 month visa for tourism purpose; the procedure will be the same with 1 month visa.

Where can I get a Vietnam visa online?

Here’s how to apply for a Vietnam Visa online in 4 easy steps:Get started by filling out the secure online form.Confirm and pay.Receive and print the Approval Letter.Get your visa stamp upon arrival at one of three Vietnam international airports.Get started by filling out the secure online form. … Confirm and pay.More items…

Which countries do not need visa for Vietnam?

Vietnam visa exemptionArea. Country. Term of residence.Asia. Thailand. Less than 30 days.Malaysia. Less than 30 days.Singapore. Less than 30 days.Indonesia. Less than 30 days.Cambodia. Less than 30 days.Lao. Less than 30 days.Philippines. Less than 21 days.More items…

How long can a foreigner stay in Vietnam?

Even the U.S passport holders are granted 1 year multiple entry tourist visa, the maximum duration for each visit is 90 days. It means that you can’t stay in Vietnam for more than 3 months at a time, and have to leave the country and return for another 3 months of stay.

How much does a Vietnam visa cost?

Tourist visas are valid for either 30 days or 90 days. A single-entry 30-day visa costs US$20, a three-month multiple-entry visa is US$70.

How much is a one year visa to Vietnam?

It does not matter how long you plan to stay in Vietnam. “All Visa applications of US citizens will be issued for 1 year multiple entries Visa.” – The stamping fee you will pay at the airport is 135 USD.

How much is Vietnam visa for UK citizen?

Vietnam Visa Fees for UK Citizens How much is a Vietnam visa for UK (England) citizens? It is US $46 (including US $21 for an approval letter and US $25 as stamping fee). This fee is for one 01-month single entry tourist visa, and it may vary depending on your type of visa and processing time as well.

What injections do I need for Vietnam from UK?

The National Travel Health Network and Centre and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Vietnam: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, rabies and tetanus. Recommended for most travellers to the region, especially if unvaccinated.

Can I enter Vietnam from UK?

Passport validity Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months on the date you enter Vietnam. A number of British nationals have been refused entry and exit due to their passport being damaged. … This continues to be valid for all passports held by British nationals.

How much is a visa to Vietnam from USA?

The visa letter service fee varies depending on the type of visa you want to obtain and how fast you want to get the service delivered. The stamping fee is fixed: As of 2019, it is $25 for single entry visa and $50 for multiple entry visa.