Quick Answer: How Can I Take Epass From Kerala To Tamilnadu?

Do we need ePass to travel in flight?

Following the lockdown 2.0 de-escalation that allows domestic flights to resume services, the government has made it mandatory for travellers to obtain an ePass for interstate travel.

Luckily for us, the Travel Ministry has launched a website where we can apply for an ePass online for 17 states across the country..

Is ePass required for Munnar?

From Bangalore to Theni (you will need an E-Pass) which you can apply on the TN e-pas website. You need to apply for another pass from Theni to Munnar (Kerala) at the Kerala Govt e-pass website which i have no idea about.

Is E pass needed for yelagiri?

All inter-state and intra-state tourists and travellers must obtain an e-pass from the district collector before entering Yelagiri. … Although lockdown in Yelagiri has been extended till 30th of September, there are major relaxations.

How can I use yelagiri Epass?

Login to tnega.org website to apply for an e-pass for Yelagiri. Submit scanned copy of proof of identity of all the passengers and driver along with vehicle details. Document proof of reason for travel is mandatory and should be submitted while applying for the emergency travel pass online.

How can I check my Epass status in Tamilnadu?

To track the TN e-pass application status, applicants must visit the link i.e. https://serviceonline.gov.in/. And Select the option of “Through Application Reference Number“.

Is Epass required to enter Tamilnadu from Kerala?

CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday informed the Madras high court that e-passes are no longer required for travel within Tamil Nadu or for domestic and international travellers to the state.

Is Epass required from Karnataka to Tamilnadu?

The government is in favour of continuing with the e-pass system. However the government has Mae the e-pass system automatic as a result of which travel has been eased. … Until such decision is taken on August 29, the e-pass remains mandatory if you are travelling from Karnataka or any other state to Tamil Nadu.

How can I apply for Epass in Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 E Pass Online RegistrationFill up all of the details which are asked in the application form such as- Applicant Name. Mobile number. … Tick the declaration.You will receive the registration ID.If details found correct the E-pass will be issue to you.Take the print out of the E-pass.

Is Munnar open for tourists now?

Yes munnar is opened.

How can I get Epass from Ooty?

How to apply for an Epass for Nilgiris and what are the requirements?Login to tnega.org website to apply for an e-pass to visit tourist place(Ooty) in Nilgris.Select Tourism option under the reason field.Scanned copy of proof of identity of all the passengers and driver along with vehicle details is necessary.More items…

How can I apply for Epass from Kerala to Tamilnadu?

Here is how you can apply for an e-pass: Visit https://tnepass.tnega.org/#/user/pass, which is the official website by the TN government to apply for an e-pass. You will need to register yourself before filling the form. Enter your mobile number and the captcha to receive an OTP.