Quick Answer: What Kind Of A Girl Was Wanda?

Why did Wanda have no friends?

Wanda didn’t have any friends because she came to school alone & went home alone.

this was because of her poor condition of living..

Why did she always wear a faded blue dress?

Because she has no another dress. She was a shy girl. She was also so poor. By these all she wear blue faded dress..

Who was Peggy’s closest friend?

MaddieMaddie was Peggy’s best friend. It seemed as if she was in awe of Peggy. She admired her quite a lot as she said that Peggy was the most liked girl in the room and that she drew better than anyone else.

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What was Maddie’s full name?

MaddelineAnswer: Maddeline is the full name of Maddie’s.

Why did Peggy and Maddie wait for Wanda?

Explanation: Why did Maddie and Peggy didn’t wait for Wanda on the day when it was drizzling? Maddie and Peggy didn’t wait for Wanda on that day because Mrs Mason, their teacher would announce the winners of the drawing and colouring competition. So, it was an important day and they didn’t want to be late that day.

What kind of girl was Wanda Where did she usually sit in the class?

Answer. Answer: Wanda used to sit in the penultimate row of benches. She was from an immigrant colony and was from a poor family. Moreover, she seems to be a quiet person engrossed in her own world.

What kind of a girl was Wanda Petronski why did she not have any friend in the school?

(d) What kind of a girl Wanda was? Answer: (a) Wanda’s absence was not noticed by anyone, not even by Peggy and Maddie who used to tease her everyday after school. (b) Wanda Petronski sat in the last row of the class because she was very quiet and wanted to avoid the taunts and trouble by girls in the class.

What was Wanda’s full name?

Elezabeth olsenElezabeth olsen was the full name of wanda……..

What type of girl was Wanda?

Answers. Answer: Wanda was a simple, polish girl. She did not speak in the classroom and she always wore a faded blue dress .

What kind of a girl was Peggy?

We understand that Peggy was a kind girl from the guilt that she carried within herself, for making fun of Wanda. She used to tag along with Madelin but deep inside she wanted to put an end to it. It was her fear of losing the friendship with Madeline that compelled her to go on with this behaviour.

What kind of girl is Peggy 10?

She belonged to a rich family. She had many pretty clothes. She is not a bad girl but she used to have some fun with wanda petronski and asked her how many dresses she had in jer closet. But peggy also a kind hearted girl because she protect the small children from bullies.

Why did Peggy make fun of Wanda?

Peggy always makes fun of Wanda by asking her how many dresses and shoes she had. She was amused when Wanda told that she had hundred dresses and sixty pairs of shoes. Maddie was also a poor girl and used to wear old clothes given by others. Peggy’s questions to Wanda used to embarrass Maddie.

How was Wanda as a girl?

Wanda was a polish girl and other girls were American. She had a very strange name and was very poor. She used to sit in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in the class. … The girls especially Peggy made fun of her as she had only one faded blue dress while she claimed to have a hundred dresses.

Why did they wait for Wanda?

Students thought of Wanda only outside the school hours. They waited for her while she was going to or coming from home. They waited for her in order to have fun with her. Two girls of her class, Peggy and Maddie, often talked to her and made fun of her.

What was Maddie afraid of?

So, Maddie was afraid of losing Peggy’s friendship, hence she preferred to stay mute.

How did the other girls treat Wanda?

Wanda is seen as different by the other girls. She is poor and a lonely girl. They treated her as inferior to them and always made fun of her. The girls teased her by commenting on her dress and dirty feet.

Why did Wanda claim 100 dresses?

No, she did not have a hundred dresses because she was poor and wore the same faded dress to school everyday. … She had an inferiority complex. In order to hide the complex and impress the other girls, she always said that she had a hundred dresses.