What Is A Word For Known For?

What is another word for known for?

What is another word for known for?acknowledged forcelebrated forfamous fornotorious forrenowned for.

A person who is well-known. celebrity. personality. notable. personage.

What is aka short for?

aka. [ (ay-kay-ay) ] An abbreviation meaning “also known as.” It is primarily used by law enforcement officials to specify an alias: “John Smith, aka Jonathan Jones.”

What does it mean to make known?

To announce some information generally. make known(Verb) To disclose a secret.

What is another word for make known?

Synonyms for make known in English notify; inform; make known; send word; point out; indicate; tell; instil; call attention to; instill. announce; proclaim; make known.

What means known as?

1. known or spoken of as. Familiarity information: KNOWN AS used as an adjective is very rare. Dictionary entry details. • KNOWN AS (adjective)

How do you say also known as?

“The Pushtun tradition also includes the convening of the tribal council also known as jirga to resolve major issues.”…What is another word for also known as?akaa/k/aa.k.a.AKAaliasorotherwisealso calledotherwise known as

How do you say AKA in an essay?

A.k.a. should be pronounced “ay-kay-ay,” never “ah-kah.” In other words, you should spell out the individual letters when speaking them aloud.

Can I use aka in an essay?

It is not used in academic writing, with the possible exception of something in criminal justice written by a police chief or senior officer who is more familiar with field operations than academia. … In short, don’t use it; as Christopher Bright responded to this, AKA comes up in the worst academic writing.

What is a known person?

1. adjective. A well-known person or thing is known about by a lot of people and is therefore famous or familiar. If someone is well-known for a particular activity, a lot of people know about them because of their involvement with that activity.

What type of verb is known?

verb. past participle of know1.

What is now known as synonym?

come to be known. currently known. has come to be known. we now understand. current state of knowledge.

In this page you can discover 108 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for popular, like: in the public eye, famous, approved, prevalent, favorite, well-liked, leading, in high favor, trendy, promoted and notorious.

Is using aka formal?

A.k.a. is formal enough for police reports and journalism that covers the “crime beat.” It has a specialized meaning appropriate to public statements about criminal aliases.

What is known in parts of speech?

A part of speech is one of the nine types of English words: VERB, NOUN, ADJECTIVE, ADVERB, PRONOUN, PREPOSITION, DETERMINER, CONJUNCTION, INTERJECTION. There are thousands of words but they don’t all have the same job. For example: some words express action. other words express things.

What is another name for inform?

Some common synonyms of inform are acquaint, apprise, and notify. While all these words mean “to make one aware of something,” inform implies the imparting of knowledge especially of facts or occurrences.

What does make known mean?

Filters. To announce some information generally. The decision was made known when it appeared on the evening news. verb.