What Was The Colour Of The Dress In Peggy’S Drawing?

Who is better human being Maddie or Peggy?


Maddie is better human being.

Maddie and Peggy were best friends, but there personalities were far more different.

Peggy ,Maddie and their fellow friends used to tease Wanda a lot ..

What gift did Wanda give to Peggy?

Answer. Answer: Wanda gave her handmade drawing to Peggy.

Where did Wanda sit in room 13?

Answer: Wanda sat in the seat next to the last seat of the last row in Room Thirteen. Her seat was in the corner of the room where the rough boys who did not get good marks sat.

What did Wanda write in her letter?

What did Wanda write in the letter? Wanda requested Miss Mason to tell the girls that they could keep those hundred dresses as she had a hundred new ones lined up in my closet in her new house. … She ended the letter wishing a Merry Christmas to everybody.

What was the name of Peggy’s teacher?

Miss MasonAnswer: Miss Mason . this was the name of Peggy’s teacher.

What kind of girl was Wanda?

Answers. Answer: Wanda was a simple, polish girl. She did not speak in the classroom and she always wore a faded blue dress .

Who has hurt the feeling of Wanda?

Peggie, the well-known student of Wanda’s class has hurted the feelings of Wanda’s father.. Although, She didn’t want to hurt..

What was Maddie’s full name?

MaddelineAnswer: Maddeline is the full name of Maddie’s.

What did Peggy think about Wanda?

Answer: Peggy believed that Wanda was dumb as she could not understand why Wanda said she had a hundred dresses, even when everybody knew that she was poor. She knew everybody was laughing at her.

What was the Colour of the dress in drawing?


Why did Wanda always wear a faded blue dress?

She always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hang right. It was clean, but it looked as though it had never been ironed properly. She didn’t have any friends, but a lot of girls talked to her. … (ii) Wanda did not have any friend because she was a poor girl.

Why didnt Maddie stop Peggy in teasing Wanda?

Maddie couldn’t ask Peggie to stop teasing Wanda because Peggie was her best friend and she had faith in Peggie that she would never do anything wrong. She was afraid of being laughed at for her poor dresses.

What could Maddie not do in the first period?

(i) Maddie could not concentrate on her studies in the first period. (ii) Maddie was very disturbed after listening the letter of Wanda’s father. She had a very sick feeling in the bottom of her stomach. … If only she could tell Wanda she hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings.

What kind of girl was Peggy?

She belonged to a rich family. She had many pretty clothes. She is not a bad girl but she used to have some fun with wanda petronski and asked her how many dresses she had in jer closet. But peggy also a kind hearted girl because she protect the small children from bullies.

How did the other girls treat Wanda?

Wanda is seen as different by the other girls. She is poor and a lonely girl. They treated her as inferior to them and always made fun of her. The girls teased her by commenting on her dress and dirty feet.

What drawing did Peggy get?

She had also mentioned that the green dress drawing was gift for Peggy; and blue dress drawing for Madeline.

What did Maddie notice in the drawing?

Answer: it was maddie who noticed it first, she noticed that the girl Wanda had drawn wearing the dress was exactly maddie! She then went and observed Peggy’s and noticed that her’s was,just like maddie’s, Peggy’s look-alike.

Why did Wanda give Peggy and Maddie one of her drawings?

Solution. Maddie and Peggy had written a letter to Wanda. Though it was a friendly letter, Wanda must have understood the emotions behind the writing of that letter. Therefore, Wanda’s request that two of her drawings be given to Maddie and Peggy could be her way of telling them that she had forgiven and forgotten.

Who is Wanda Petronski teacher?

Miss MasonMiss Mason was Class teacher of Wanda. Wanda could not concentrate on her studies because she was silently bearing the teasing of all other students on her attire. So, they moved to big city.

How many drawings did Wanda draw?

Miss Mason said that Room Thirteen should be proud of Wanda as she had drawn one hundred designs of dresses, all of which were beautiful and different. She told the students that in the opinion of the judges, any one of the drawings was worthy of winning the prize.

How was Wanda as a girl?

Wanda was a polish girl and other girls were American. She had a very strange name and was very poor. She used to sit in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in the class. … The girls especially Peggy made fun of her as she had only one faded blue dress while she claimed to have a hundred dresses.