Why Are Cocoa Farmers Poor?

How much does it cost to become Fair Trade Certified?

Certified organizations such as cooperatives have to pay FLO-CERT a fee to become certified and a further annual fee for audit and continued certification The first year certification fee per unit sold as “Fairtrade certified” varies but has been over 6c/lb with an annual fee of 3c/lb to 3.4c/lb for coffee up to 2006 ….

Where can I sell my cocoa?

Go to sites such as eBay and ECPlaza and create an account to list your cocoa beans. Many distributors use websites such as these to sell their products, and many sell items such as cocoa beans to manufacturers that need them. Enter “Cocoa beans” in the search box to get an idea of the buyers in your market.

How much does the average cocoa farmer in Ghana earn?

However, despite their importance to Ghana’s development, many cocoa farming families live in poverty. Cocoa farmers earn a per capita daily income of approximately USD $0.40-$0.45 on cocoa. This amounts to an annual net income of USD $983.12-$2627.81 and accounts for two thirds of cocoa farmers’ household income.

How much are cocoa beans worth?

In 2019, the average price for cocoa stood at 2.34 nominal U.S. dollars per kilogram.

How much do cocoa farmers make?

Fairtrade found average Ivorian cocoa farmer household income was $2,707 per year, with around $2,000 of income coming from cocoa, according to its survey of 3,202 Fairtrade certified farmers. This equates to total income of $0.93 per person a day.

What are the 3 largest chocolate companies in the world?

According to self-described fair trade proponents including Ghanaian cooperative Kuapa Kokoo, “Big Chocolate” companies are Mondelez (which owns Cadbury), Mars, Nestlé, and The Hershey Company. Together these companies process about 12% of the world’s 3 million tons of cocoa each year.

What country produces 40% of the world’s cocoa beans?

Ivory CoastIvory Coast overtook Ghana as the world’s leading producer of cocoa beans in 1978, and today is highly dependent on the crop, which accounts for 40% of national export income.

How many years will cacao bear fruits?

“Cocoa is the only kind of tree that will bear fruit 24 months from planting. Coconuts and fruit trees take seven years to bear fruit,” he says.

Is cocoa hard to grow?

Growing cocoa is hard manual work and very labour intensive, as caring for and harvesting the beans requires close and continuous attention. The cocoa tree flowers and bears fruit throughout the entire year. It produces large cocoa pods, which need to be cut from the trees by machetes or sticks.

What problems do cocoa farmers face?

On average, cocoa farmers earn just 6% of the final value a bar of chocolate. When terms of trade don’t work for cocoa farmers it exacerbates poverty and contributes to persistent problems like discrimination, exploitation and deforestation, which threaten the future of cocoa.

Why do cocoa farmers earn so little for their cocoa beans?

As a result of low yields due to poor farming practices, aging trees and limited access to inputs such as fertilizer and planting materials. The average cocoa farmer’s income is significantly below the World Bank’s extreme poverty line of USD 1.

How much does a fair trade farmer get paid?

Wages for coffee labourers on Fairtrade-certified farms ranged from US$1.5 to US$2.1 per day on farms that also provided meals, and US$1.8 to US$2.5 on those that did not. Some farmers said they had increased wages to meet national minimum wage standards but none mentioned doing so to meet Fairtrade Standards.

How much money does a banana farmer make?

Some banana workers make relatively decent wages but more and more do not because of an accelerating race to the bottom. Unionized banana workers can make $10 a day plus $10 a day in benefits; non-union banana workers make $3 a day, with no benefits.

How much is a pound of cocoa beans?

One pound is about $16.00 and 5 lbs would be $80.00. In this 5 lbs there would be 3.5 lb of Criollo or Trinatario cocoa beans.

What are the factors that affect cocoa farmers in Ghana?

The regression analysis showed that land size, member of farmer association, experience in cocoa farming, awareness of organic cocoa and access to extension service are the main factors that influence cocoa farmers’ decision to adopt organic cocoa practices.

How do I become a successful cocoa farmer?

Basic requirements for a Successful Cocoa Farming The farmer must locate a large expanse of good land with the appropriate climate conditions and with a good steady rainfall supply. Of course, the farmer must invest in good quality, disease-resistant, and high-yielding cocoa beans for planting.

How much money does Ghana make from cocoa?

Ghana is among the world’s leaders in the use of mobile money, but shockingly, the cocoa sector still pays upwards of 7 billion cedis (US$1.2 billion) every year in cash and checks to purchasing clerks, who then transfer it to farmers in cash. This means over 90% of the farmer transactions are still made in cash.

How much does cocoa cost?

Between 2016 and 2019, the monthly price of cocoa worldwide peaked in mid-2016 at about 3,122 U.S. dollars per metric ton and has since declined to around 2,134 U.S. dollars per metric ton as of October 2018.